About Me

I am a curious person, trying to explore the many areas of human knowledge. Hopefully, I also manage to expand our knowledge at the same time. 

Much of my inspiration comes from the rationalist community, like them I aspire to see the world as it is, not as I want it to be. I am especially grateful to Robin Hanson, who is an inspiration intellectually and through whom I got introduced to the world of ideas. 

As I am always trying to improve my map of reality, I am willing to accept bets on my beliefs. I am also interested in any reading recommendations! To the right you can see what I am currently reading and my favorite books of the ones I have read this year. 

Currently Reading

  1. Civil War, Lucan 
  2. Violence and the Sacred, René Girard
  3. Don Quijote, Cervantes
  4. Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails, Nassim Taleb
  5. Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky

Best Reads of the Year

  1. Vid Syrterns Stränder, Julien Gracq
  2. The Scout Mindset, Julia Galef
  3. The Elephant in the Brain, Hanson & Simler
  4. Aspiration, Agnes Callard
  5. The Science of Conjecture, James Franklin