Humility Regarding Strategy

The divergent strategy towards the coronavirus that Sweden has been taking has made the news all over the world. It has also been highly debated if this really is the way to go. I am not sure, early on I propagated for more draconian measures from the state. Although, this loose approach may have made it easier to handle the self-imposed quarantine that me and my girlfriend have been living in since mid-March. We have the ability to move freely outside, and we have spent a higher proportion of our time outside than before which has been quite delightful.

The strategy, and especially the divergence from the rest of the world, have fostered the age-old sense of national supremacy in many swedes. They are vehemently opposing anyone that expresses concern regarding the Swedish strategy, and they are convinced that the Swedish strategy will outperform other strategies, eventually.  

I would happily admit that our strategy is better than other, once it can be proved. But there are some things that ought to be remembered in the coming months, when the results are coming in. Things seem to be going better in Stockholm already, which is good, but it will also be used as evidence of the strategy working. Which is why we should not forget that decisions ought not be judged solely by their outcomes. There are innumerable factors that determines the outcome of a pandemic, as in every complex system. Luck is certainly one of them, we cannot be certain that luck rather than strategy will influence the outcome of the virus in Sweden.

I thereby urge everyone that are discussing the virus, and different strategies used in fighting it, to not become blinded by results. It is fine to be wrong; it is virtuous to be able to admit fault and then learn from it. Especially when the subject at hand have the potential to eradicate humanity, the next virus may be more lethal than this one and then we would wish that we learned something from this virus. Remember, this is more important than national pride and feelings of supremacy. Lives and societies are at stake, I think swedes, or any other people, should be ready to let their pride take a hit for the continued prosper of our species and contemporary society.

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